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Please note the book prices below do not include postage and packing.  Postage rates are R10 per item, insured 1st class postage within South Africa.  Air mail to USA and UK is R25 per item.

The overseas rates are based on a currency conversion rate of R8 to 1 US $, and R13 to 1 £.  Please note, the South African Rand is a volatile currency on the international currency markets and these rates may change at short notice. 

Bulk order consisting of one of each of the above Emeth Publications available at a discount price of R160, plus postage.   Postage will be calculated and advised at the time of the order.



Certain texts are now available as free downloads.  Click on these links: A Chronology of Leaven & The History of our Bible by Patrick Collins


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Who is Leading the Church? By Colin Winfield.

Who is Leading the Church is a booklet that looks at the whole problem of church structures and leadership. It exposes the sin of denominations and the unscriptural basis of human leadership positions in the church. It sets forth from Scripture the divine concept of church. Read a sample of this book here.

Soft cover, A5, 16 pages. Cost price R7.  £0.50.    US $0.90

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The Shepherds Who Throw Stones By Michael E. Hagemann.

The Shepherds Who Throw Stones: The book is subtitled An Investigation Into The Roots of Spiritual Abuse and it has been written by one who was on the receiving end of such abuse. It will open the reader's eyes to what constitutes spiritual abuse and the damage it can cause. The author also explains why this evil has managed to infiltrate into so many places and reveals the hold it has in some churches. There is excellent advice on how to identify and escape abusive churches and how to find healing. Read a sample of this book here.

Soft cover, A5, 102 pages. Cost price R40.a20pixelspacer.jpg (481 bytes)£3.00    US $5.00

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The Road to Revival By Patrick Collins

The Road to Revival is an analysis of those in the Bible who tried will worship. What is will worship? It is self-made religion, offering service and rituals God never asked for, as opposed to the obedient following of God's revealed pattern.

This book shows how necessary it is that we closely adhere to the divine pattern if we wish to see the fullness of divine power and blessing. Read a sample of this book here.

Soft cover, A5, 111 pages. Cost price R40.     £3.00    US $5.00

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An Entreé to Christianity By Patrick Collins

An Entree to Christianity is an introduction to Christian teaching. This book is the ideal guide for individual or group Bible Study. It takes the reader through all the doctrines of Christianity, and then analyses how the church has deviated from those norms down through the centuries.

There is also an overview of Bible books and a guide to interpretation, as well as a handy glossary of theological terms. If you want to improve your Bible knowledge, this is the book for you.  Read a sample of this book here.

Soft cover, A5, 190 pages. Cost price R45.    £3.50   US $5.60

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harlot.jpg (7216 bytes) Stripping the Harlot By Patrick Collins

Stripping the Harlot is a serious look at the church through the eyes of the Old Testament prophets. John's Revelation speaks of Mystery Babylon, the mother of harlots. This book exposes her, helping you to identify her satanic deceptions and escape her dangerous clutches.  Read a sample of this book here.

Soft cover, A5, 110 pages. Cost price R40.    £3.00   US $5.00

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genericcover.jpg (10404 bytes) Polished Gems By Patrick Collins

Polished Gems is an Old Testament word study for those with no knowledge of Hebrew. Its purpose is to give a richer understanding of God, His Word and the salvation he has brought us, by revealing the essential and sometimes obscured meaning of certain words.

Soft cover, A5, 30 pages. Cost price R10.    £0.75   US $1.25

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