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Extract from: The Shepherds Who Throw Stones

The full chapter listing is given as an indication of the book's contents - click on chapter 3 to read a sample.

Chapter 1: Spiritual abuse explained
Chapter 2: The history of spiritual abuse
Chapter 3: Understanding the origins and nature of neo-charismatic fellowships
Chapter 4: Recognising spiritual abuse
Chapter 5: Authority
Chapter 6: The twisting of scripture
Chapter 7: The role of untrained clergy
Chapter 8: The role of biblical illiteracy
Chapter 9: The words of God - Rhema and Logos
Chapter 10: Shepherding and other discipling doctrines
Chapter 11: Covering
Chapter 12: Fathers and sons in ministry doctrine
Chapter 13: Tithing
Chapter 14: Apostles and prophets
Chapter 15: The character of a leader
Chapter 16: Escaping an abusive church
Addendum A
Addendum B
Addendum C

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