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Extract from: Who is Leading the Church ?


Who is leading the Church?

Who is your leader?

Who is your leader and by whom are you being led? Jesus said, "Call no man leader for One is your Leader, even Christ" (Matt 23.10) yet within the Church systems this appears to be totally ignored. However, those who refer to themselves as leaders would justify their position from Scripture and those who are being led by men usually feel comfortable with this situation. Thus we can see that we, the Church, the body of Christ, have been manoeuvred into a position which directly contradicts the words of Jesus.

This booklet is written to examine this situation and encourage true believers to obey the words of Jesus and so make him their only Leader and come under his effective Lordship.

Christian Organisations

When we look at the differing Christian organisations we see they are all built on a similar pattern. Whether we look at the Catholic Church, the Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptists or Pentecostal Church or even those House Churches which have been more recently formed, we se they are basically structured in the same way despite endeavours over the centuries to achieve church government in line with Scripture.

These attempts to achieve correct and scriptural church government have not been without much pain and at much cost. Nevertheless, other than for short periods of time, we, the body of Christ, have still not effectively removed men as our leaders so that Christ can take his rightful place.

Some 'church structures' which have tried to comply with the words of Christ in this respect and have removed men from their hierarchical position as leaders have not correctly acknowledged the function of the Holy Spirit. Either the Word is put in a position that is rightly due to the Holy Spirit or, rather than being led by the Holy Spirit, men are led by the soul where flesh and demons counterfeit the Holy Spirit's leading.

Our problem is not one of just removing men as our leaders but in actually being led by the Holy Spirit.

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